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Median scenario
Projected persons living in households by living arrangement and five-years age class, by region, 1.1.2021-2041, median scenario  (csv)
Households by household type, by region, 1.1.2021-2041, median scenario  (csv)
Average household size, by region, 1.1.2021-2041, median scenario  (csv)

Household projections in Italy

Household projections in Italy show the future trend of the number and type of households that will characterize the population in the short and medium term. These are projections deriving from the application of a static method, based on Propensity Rates applied to the projected population.

The purpose is to provide, together with the population projections, an integrated system of information useful to several users, public and private, who deal with goods and services intended for families rather than individuals.

The projections of households are made and disseminated by Istat at the national level, as well as with macro-area and regional detail. They are based on 1.1.2021 data and extend over a period of 20 years from 2021 to 2041.

The main results are available not only on this site but also on the general Istat site: (topic: Population and families > Demographic projections).

The methodology used is available at the following link.