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Semi-supercentenarians’ survey


The Semi-supercentenarians’ (SSC) survey collects data about alive or dead resident population aged 105 and more (called semi-super and supercentenarians); the aim is to provide a longitudinal database of this population group.
Data source for the validation process is an administrative source: the “Resident Population by Age, Sex, and Marital Status on January 1st of each year” (POSAS survey).
All municipalities that have at least one semi-super centenarian or supercentenarian resident are contacted to send a birth or death certificate and to collect additional demographic information.
For those people still alive at age 105 a yearly based follow-up is done until death, which is then included in the database (date of death): as long as the individual remains alive, the validation process never stops and each single year Istat proceeds to “re-validate” backward the data observed in the past. Therefore, the data quality check for the SSC’s database is performed retrospectively day by day. In addition, collected data from the SSC survey is periodically subjected to record linkage operations with other Istat surveys improving data quality.


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Semi-supercentenarians’ survey


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