Foreigner Citizens. Demographic Balance for the year 2006 and Resident Population on 31th December - All countries of citizenship
Resident population on 1st January135058813199262670514
Live births297222804357765
Immigration from other Italian Municipalities121687105998227685
Immigration from other Countries113524141064254588
Immigration for other reasons384623166370125
Total Immigration303395306768610163
Emigration to other Municipalities114735100473215208
Emigration to other Countries8146882816974
Acquisition of Italian citizenship148632040335266
Emigration for other reasons411142974670860
Total deregistrations180910160845341755
Resident population on 31st December147307314658492938922
Born in Italy205454192751398205


Foreigner Citizens. Resident Population by sex and citizenship on 31th December 2006
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